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ISO 10002

We provide ISO 10002 certifications . We have auditors in our team.  We provide ISO 10002 certification as our own.

What is ISO 10002 – Complaints Management System

The Complaints Management standard helps organizations of all types to identify, manage and understand how successfully they deal with their customer’s complaints.  Some examples of complaints are:

Poor quality of service Inadequate handling of complaintsPoor communication both before and during the complaint handling processs

The Complaints Management Scheme can apply to organizations of all sizes, in the private, public and voluntary sectors, regardless of the nature of their activities or the nature of the business.

The Complaints Management Scheme specifies the key requirements for handling customer complaints successfully and includes complaints management controls to help you address customer dissatisfaction in a satisfying way within your business.

ISO 10002:2004 Complaints Management System provides guidance on the process of complaints handling related to products within an organization, including planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement. The complaints handling process described is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system.

The international standard provides a framework that the information obtained through the complaints handling process can lead to –

Improvement in products and processImprove the reputation of organisation

Complaint Management System compliant to ISO 10002:2004 is relevant to any organization that wishes to

exceed customer expectations, a basic requirement for businesses of all types and sizes, whether they’re in the

private, public or voluntary sectors. ISO 10002:2004 is not applicable to disputes referred for resolution outside

the organization or for employment-related disputes.


Benefits of ISO 10002:2004 – Complaints Management System

Customer Confidence

By adopting the management system, ability to retain the loyalty of customers is enhanced. Customers feel confident of commitment for the resolution & redressal of any of their query or complaints.

Improved Efficiency

Implementation and certification ensures a consistent process to handle customers, which enable to identify causes and eliminate the causes of complaints, as well as improve organization’s operations.

Better Relationship

System helps to adopt a customer-focused approach to handle, analysis and review complaints and encourage personnel to improve their skills & behaviour in working with customers.

Continual improvement
It provides a basis for continual improvement and analysis of complaints-handling process, redressal of complaints with improvements to be made.

Transparent System

Provide complainants with an open, effective and easy-to-use complaints process.

Auditable System

Complaint management system is auditable, thus auditing of the complaints-handling process gives accuracy of the system compliance.


It is developed as guidance for an organization’s complaints handling process. It can be used alone or in conjunction with ISO 9001- Quality Management System of Organization.

Management System

This is a management system, therefore, all ingredients of management system are inherited in the complaint management system compliant to ISO 10002:2004, reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the complaints-handling process.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by creating a customer focused environment that is open to feedback (including complaints), resolving any complaints, and enhancing the organization’s ability to improve its product and customer service;

Management Focus

Management commitment through adequate acquisition and deployment of resources, including personnel training;

Brand Improvement

Certified complaint management system demonstrates to customers & other stakeholders that recognizing and addressing the needs and expectation of complainants, you have processes in place to handle, analyse and review complaints to improve the product and customer service quality.


Effective complaint Management system helps to ensure defined responsibilities & procedures to handle & review complaints are in place.