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Management System Certifications



ISO 9001

ISO 9001 audits in accommodation, hotel and restaurant sectors are performed using the language of the following subjects with a comprehensive and continually updated lists of questions.
• Front office, sales, marketing and reservations
• Housekeeping and Laundry
• Animation and Entertainment
• Food and beverage processing and presentation of
• Technical Sessions (fire, water, security and guest satisfaction, especially in terms misaifir)
• Gardening

• Security (guest safety is subject of ISO 9001.)
• Children’s club

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 audits in this sector include following facts: Preliminary steps of HACCP, pre-conditions (PRP), the operational pre-requisite programs (OPRP) and Critical Control Points (CCP), the principles of HACCP and food safety management system contain


• Restaurants
• Bars, Kitchen (preliminary preparation of raw materials (raw material acceptance, thawing, disinfection of fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, turkey and fish preparation), food production / preparation, cooking, hot carrying, Refrigeration, Cold and frozen storage, serving hot, cold presentation and Recycling)
• Room Service
• Technical Service (cold rooms, and calibration)
• Housekeeping (hygienic food consumption in the rooms)



ISO 14001

Environmental management systems, in this sector are gaining more importance every day.Because: the most important asset for tourism is environment. Proper use of resources for a sustainable tourism and the prevention of pollution of the environment is of great importance. An effective environmental management system is mainly the fulfillment of legal requirements Travel Life, and special certifications, such as the Blue Flag will be an important stages katedilmiş.Auditing contains the following and is not limited to, the following topics:
• The basic elements of environmental management,
• storage of hazardous wastes and chemicals, and control,
• Medical supplies and waste control,
• Solid waste management,
• Noise and canceled checks,
• Energy and resource use and saving and
• Prevention of environmental accidents




ISO 10002

Customer / Guest Complaints Management – Guide Standard Audits : Sector has the heavy demands on the non-accredited ISO 10002 audits. ISO 10002 using the following the principles of a complaints management system is applied. In this context, the front desk • Guest relations and processes are being audited.• Other management processes, such as the internal audits, policies, objectives, management review processes, data analysis, improving processes within the scope of the investigation is.
• The idea of the internal customers’ complaints by employees in the principles of ISO 10002 management guides, and useful as possible.