We provide HALAL Management System Certification according HALAL standard OIC-SMIIC-01:2011.We do certification and we provide a detailed HALAL audit report.

As very well known, there are many unions and CBs doing HALAL certifications against different standards. Many of them doesn’t recognise each other’s certificates. This situation causes extra works of the clients and supplier of these clients.In many situations, companies feels an obligation to get double or even triple certification against different HALAL standards.

Because of absence of harmonisation in HALAL standards / specifications of different unions / CBs, many suppliers and their HALAL certificates are subjected to rejection during HALAL audits. This causes loss of business of suppliers.

We approach to the issue in this way : It is much worse not to give halal approval to halal supplier than granting halal.

If the HALAL certificate of a supplier of the company we audit is not in our trust list, we don’t reject it directly. We try our best to get evidences of conformance of the certificate or the supplier, by checking audit report of halal certificate, specification of the supplier, etc. Unless we couldn’t find any evidence of conformity, we don’t reject in advance .